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CASL is a multidisciplinary group of scientists and healthcare providers whose expertise focuses on the liver, and provides national leadership in all aspects of research, education and patient care as they pertain to the liver.


Events which may be of interest to CASL members include:


September 6 to 8, Jersey City, New York – 6th International Symposium on Hepatitis Care in Substance Users

September 15 to 17, 2017 Seoul, South Korea – International Liver Cancer Association 11th Annual Conference

September 25 to 28, 2017 Cape Cod, MA – HCV 2017 – 24th International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses

Canadian Liver Foundation LIVERight Gala: 

The Canadian Liver Foundation (CLF) LIVERight Galas have grown to be signature events across the country. These events are an opportunity for the CLF and all attendees to recognize and pay tribute to the tremendous impact that donors, volunteers, patients, caregivers, liver healthcare providers & researchers have made to support our collective mission of “bringing liver research to life”. Over the years, these events have raised the much-needed funds for CLF programs and services in the aread of liver research, education, patient support and advocacy. Tickets are limited and are selling out fast, please see below for more information:

  1.  Toronto, ON: Friday, November 3rd
  2. Montreal, QC: Friday, November 3rd
  3. Ottawa, ON: Saturday, November 11th
  4. Calgary, AB: Friday, November 24
  5. Vancouver, BC: Saturday, November 25


Please click here for more information and to purchase your tickets! 

June 14 to 17, 2018, Toronto, ON – Global Hepatitis Summit 2018, The 16th International Symposium of Viral Hepatitis and Liver Disease, ISVHLD

Please contact if you would like to have your event featured on our website. 


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